Brunel Rooms Swindon nightclub pictures from the 90s and 00s

The Brunel Rooms, which opened in 1973, was a major part of youth culture in Swindon and for miles around for well over three decades.

As a tribute to founder Bill Reid, who recently died aged 84, and to everybody who knew and loved the club, we’ve put together a selection of images from our archive.

The Brunel Rooms hosted early performances by future global stars including Blondie, Iron Maiden and The Jam.

Married to Jacky, who died in 2003, Mr Reid had two children, Stephen and Jude.

According to Stephen, who also ran the Brunel Rooms, one of the secrets of his father’s success was his eagerness to embrace the new, with the club hosting everything from disco nights to raves over the years.

“A friend of mine described him as an early adopter,” said Stephen. “When computers came in he had everyone computerised.

“He was gregarious. He liked being around people, he liked to talk a lot. He always said to me, ‘Life’s not a dress rehearsal, son’. He didn’t want to die waiting.

“People can talk about it, the whole carpe diem thing, but not many manage to do it.”

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