Builders discover human remains in Kemble garden

Human remains have been discovered in a garden being dug up by builders in Kemble.

Forensic tents have been put up on the domestic construction site following the find last week.

Police are currently investigating the origin of the remains and the scene was being guarded by officers this morning (Tuesday).

The scene is not visible from the ground due to surrounding trees, fences and properties blocking the view.

But aerial photographs revealed crime scene tape on the entrance to a garden area, where it appears builders have dug into the ground as they prepare the area to lay slabs.

A large mound of soil could be seen just metres away, indicating that the remains may have been unearthed during the garden landscaping work.

Local residents say police visited Kemble Primary School and informed staff of the ongoing incident after unknown details were revealed by a child.

One said: “I didn’t even know it was happening until other parents were talking about it on the playground this morning.

“I think the reason for the crime scene is being kept very quiet at the moment.

“Whenever there’s a big crime scene in Gloucestershire, everybody thinks about Fred and Rose [West]. “Obviously there’s nothing to say it is one of their victims, but who knows how many there were and where they could be hidden.”

Gloucestershire Constabulary has confirmed human bones were found on site but said it was not in a position to state where they came from or who they belonged to.

A spokesperson said: “Police received a report that human bones were discovered by a builder working at a property in Kemble last Thursday (November 4).

“Officers remain at the scene and inquiries are continuing.”

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