Calls to boycott Five Valleys Centre car park as more shoppers receive fines

Elderly shoppers, those with disabilities and people who had never previously got a ticket in their life are among those to have been fined after parking at the Five Valleys Centre.

Since then several more people have been in contact and there are now even calls to boycott the car park entirely.

Jane Richens, 68, is among those to have been stung.

She maintains she entered the car park, paid for two hours and left after one – yet received a fine a few weeks later.

“I’ve never had a parking fine in my life. There’s something wrong somewhere,” she said.

Shoppers are now being encouraged to hang onto their tickets, as sometimes it can be a month before the fine arrives.

“It’s only by luck I kept my ticket. When you have paid and then you leave you just throw your ticket away,” said Jane, who lives in Shortwood.

She added that she did not think the ticket machines at the car park were easy to use.

“I shall never use that car park again. I shall we telling friends as well not to.”

Marian Husband’s son, who has autism and is insulin dependant, is another to have been fined.

He was hit after being taken on a trip to the cinema by a carer.

Marian said the fine was ‘absolutely infuriating’.

“How disgraceful to do that to someone. It’s just horrendous.

“I’m not well and this is all having an effect.

“We need to stop people using that car park,” she said.

The SNJ has spoken to a number of other people who vowed never to use the car park again after receiving a penalty notice, with some expressing regret about the impact this could have on the town’s independent traders.

Asked to comment on the cause of the issue and whether there were any plans to fix it a spokesperson for Dransfield Properties, who manage the Five Valleys Centre but not the car park, said: “We apologise for any issues that have arisen recently with our car park and we are working extremely hard to ensure that any problems are rectified.

“We have increased our staff presence on site, with a dedicated member of our team now patrolling the car park daily from 10am-4pm to help anyone who requires assistance with parking.

“Customers can also contact our centre management team on 01453 765164 who are always happy to help and are there to answer any questions you may have.”

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