Calls to reduce speed limit on key road near Stroud

THERE have been calls this week to reduce the speed limit on a key road near Stroud.

Attention has been focused on a stretch of the A46 Painswick Road near Salmon Springs after an accident last week.

A police inquiry is ongoing into the cause of the accident.

However, the incident has led to more general questions which are unconnected to the accident being raised.

Safety calls are not connected to accident 

County councillors are calling for the speed limit at Salmon Springs – currently 40mph – to be reduced.

Painswick county councillor Sue Williams said she has long had ‘deep concerns’ about safety on the road.

She said: “I have contacted the cabinet member for highways at Shire Hall and requested an inspection of the site to seek to reduce risks of accidents and improve safety of all who use this area either crossing the road or travelling north or southbound.

“I am deeply concerned regarding the general safety along the A46 from Stroud to Painswick.

“I am currently seeking a traffic order to reduce the speed through Pitchcombe by 10mph to 40mph as speed is also an issue at this junction.”

Stroud county councillor David Drew said speeding in the area was a ‘perennial problem’.

He said: “There has already been a lot of discussion but the main problem is that the A46 is a major route north and south of Stroud.

“It is quite a fast road by Salmon Springs.

“Speeding in areas around Stroud remains a perennial problem.”

Speed sign in place

Stroud Town Council has been trialling a speed activated sign on the route.

Town clerk Helen Bojaniwska said: “We have responded to concerns from residents along that stretch of road about speed by securing permission to trial a vehicle activated speed sign in the area.

“The sign has been in place since September 14.”

Martyn Midgley, GCC area highways manager, said: “We are always happy to listen to residents to consider additional safety measures and encourage groups to apply for road safety advice, campaign materials and traffic surveys through our Community Speedwatch Safety Fund.”

In the accident last Tuesday, October 11, a woman in her 80s was hit by a car near Salmon Springs. She was taken to Southmead Hospital with serious injuries.

Please note that the calls for road safety to be looked at are not based on the circumstances surrounding the accident which is still being investigated.

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