Campaign for stop sign at ‘dangerous’ junction

campaign for stop sign at dangerous junction 1 - Campaign for stop sign at 'dangerous' junction

Councillors in Cirencester are campaigning for a stop sign to be installed at a ‘dangerous’ junction.

Cllr Jenny Hincks and Cllr Roly Hughes are campaigning for a stop sign on both sides of the Chesterton Lane and Somerford Road junction

Both councillors have been told of many accidents and near misses on the junction.

Currently, there is a stop sign on one side and a give way on another.

With a soon to be new development round the corner the junction is going to see a greater increase in traffic.

Cllr Hincks and Cllr Hughes are calling for the introduction of the sign to make it a safer junction and hopefully reduce the number of accidents and near misses.

Cllr Jenny Hincks said: “This junction is very busy especially at peak times when workers are going to Love Lane to work, and parents are taking children to school.

“Traffic coming up to Chesterton lane from town has a limited vision of traffic coming along Chesterton Lane whereas a stop sign on both sides will make them stop.”

Cllr Roly Hughes added: “Had a roundabout been put here in the 1970s when the old tree was felled this would have been the logical thing to do, the footpath could have been moved further thus making a better width for the roundabout.

“It is to late now as they would have to fell the new tree.”

A Gloucestershire County Council spokesperson said: “We appreciate Cllr Hincks reporting this potential issue to us. A local highways manager will visit the site soon to look at how vehicles are using the junction and will be in touch with the local councillors directly to discuss.”

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