Can you help Hades find his forever family from Cotswold Dogs and Cats home

Hades has been with the Cotswold Dogs and Cats home since the start of April 2021. He went to them as his previous owners were unable to manage his behaviour and knew he needed more support than they could offer.

The home say this gorgeous lad needs to find his forever home as soon as possible as he will be much happier in a home environment with a lovely owner who can help him with his behaviour challenges. He does find kennel life quite difficult, bless him.

On arrival at the centre, Hades was very under socialised, therefore quite fearful of new environments and noises, but he has been a brave boy and come such a long way since, now walking confidently on lead and dealing with busier areas like a trooper. It’s exciting to see his improvement in such a short time and he will only continue to flourish in an understanding and loving home environment.

Hades has developed great relationships with staff at the centre, who all enjoy spending time with him where his slightly boisterous but playful personality has shone through!

He does have some bad manners that staff are working on, but he has shown that he is a quick learner and is picking up his basic command training extremely well, proving he’s not just a pretty face! Once Hades is in a settled environment with guidance from a loving owner, they are sure he will reward them with loyal companionship.

He can be nervous of strangers, so any adopters will need to be willing to make multiple visits to the centre to get to know him, but it’s definitely worth it, as once you have built that trust, you will see how sweet and affectionate he can be!

Hades handler Sorrell said: “It’s been so rewarding working with Hades during his stay with us. From being totally shut down with fear on arrival, Hades would not leave his bed for 3 days and growled whenever we tried to make friends, to seeing him now and how far he has come is definitely a highlight.”

“It took time to build his confidence and trust, and get him used to new sights and sounds, but you now wouldn’t think he was the same dog. He loves his friends at the centre and nothing more than doing zoomies in long grass or playing tuggy/tearing soft toys apart (RIP teddies), and after all this he will settle next to you on the sofa as long as belly rubs are include”.

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