Car crashes into Stonehouse Park Infant School

A HEADTEACHER has spoken of her relief that no one was injured after a car crashed into a school building housing the electric mains and gas supply in Stonehouse.

Red Lodge is a building used by the school and children’s centre situated by the main entrance. 

It also houses the school’s electric mains and gas supply. 


As well as damage to the building, a gas leak was also reported which has now been fixed.

Stroud News and Journal:


Stroud News and Journal:


Head’s relief that school was shut 

Speaking to the SNJ, headteacher Lisa Jones said: “Fortunately the incident happened on a Sunday when nobody was here. 

“The most important thing is that nobody was hurt. 

“We are spending time this morning reassuring students that nobody was hurt. 

“We are closing the nursery today and tomorrow to the Acorns class as they used a room nearby. 

“Fortunately we had another space that we were building – an old Victorian part of the the school which was due to open in September. 

“We are working fast to get this ready for the nursery children on Wednesday. 

“This new building will be lovely for them. 

“Everything else in the school is running as normal.”

Though it has reopened, a small stretch of the road is closed for pedestrians – motorists should also take care when driving nearby as the road is narrower than usual due to barriers placed around the scene. 

There are still some issues with the electrics near in the building but the area is now safe. 

The school opened as normal this morning to all pupils apart from the Acorns nursery class. 

The crash happened on Sunday, meaning most of the shops nearby were closed. 

Only Family Shopper and Munchies Stonehouse was open – the community shop and bakery was shut for half of the day yesterday, though it has also opened as usual this morning. 

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