Car had Class A drugs heroin and crack cocaine inside worth £700k

Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of drugs were recovered as part of the latest phase of the south west regional operation.

Teams from the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit joined forces with all five south west police forces including Gloucestershire and Avon and Somerset.

In Gloucestershire, there were 22 arrests, Class A and B drugs worth around £30k was seized, £7,500 in cash and £15k worth of tobacco was recovered, eight shops where drugs were being sold were closed, five vehicles were impounded and several weapons and mobile phones were confiscated.

In one incident, a car was intercepted which had around seven kilos of Class A drugs on board worth £700k.

The driver has been charged with possession with intent to supply and remanded in custody.

Altogether, more than £3/4 million worth of drugs were seized and 121 arrests were made during the seven days from March 27 to April 2.

Superintendent Paul Keasey, Gloucestershire Constabulary, who led the operation, said: “This adds to the success of three previous operational phases

The latest operation has been an outstanding week of action with some fantastic results which demonstrate the value of the five forces working together and sends out the strongest message possible that the south west is no place for drugs.

“Not only have we been able to recover a large quantity of drugs and disrupted gangs and individuals who deal in them, we have also taken a number of dangerous weapons off the streets, making the region a much safer place.

“As well as commending the officers who took part, I want to thank the public who have come forward in their numbers with the information that has made these operations possible and contributed so much to their success.

“Together with our partners we have also sought to strengthen the support and safeguarding activity to the vulnerable, as well as providing educational material to schools detailing the issues and impact of taking drugs.

“The support of the public throughout the operation has been fantastic. Many of the activities delivered were as a result of concerns raised by, or using information provided by, the public.”

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