Care worker left in tears after hit-and-run in Cirencester

A CIRENCESTER care worker was left in tears and too shaken to finish her shift after her car was hit by another.

Zoe Milner, a community support worker for Nobilis Care, was between visits when her car was struck.

She was driving along the main road towards the fire station in Cirencester at around 9.10pm on Friday evening when the crash occurred.

Describing the incident Zoe said: “I could see a red VW Golf with a young male coming up super close. I was on the outside lane, another car was on the inside lane.

“He came between us both, hitting my front wheel arch and effectively knocking me out the way as he went between us. Then shooting off towards the fire station roundabout.

“I didn’t have time to react. I instantly put on my hazards and got out my car hoping he would stop but he didn’t. I was in shock that he had done this, no time to react or get plates.

“I moved my car after about 15 minutes, some lovely people stopped to see if I was ok, but I was to shaken up to finish my shift.”

Zoe it thankful that neither her car nor any person was seriously damaged as a result of the incident. She is now calling for people to keep an eye out for a VW Golf with damage on the driver’s side.

“Luckily the impact despite the noise it made was minimal,” she said.

“It’s paintwork and dents.

“It was more the principal. He knew what he did and just drove off and left me.

“I have young children who could have been in my car. The impact was on the passenger side.

“I’m very lucky. I just do not want it to happen to anyone else.”

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire police confirmed there had been a minor collision but did not provide any more details.

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