Chalfest postponed due to coronavirus

chalfest postponed due to coronavirus - Chalfest postponed due to coronavirus
chalfest postponed due to coronavirus 2 - Chalfest postponed due to coronavirus

This year’s Chalfest has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The volunteer led community festival, held at Chalford Hill, has been moved to July 16 and 17 next year.

A spokesman for Chalfest said: “The decision to do so wasn’t taken lightly and is sincerely the last thing we wanted to do.

“We were still hopeful of going ahead until a few days ago; however, it has become increasingly clear that the current situation isn’t going away anytime soon and the health and safety of our guests, staff and the wider community at large has to come first.

“We remain a proudly volunteer led, community focussed event and nobody here takes a wage and Chalfest is the highlight of the years for many of us.

“We are so grateful and pleased to announce that all traders and sponsors have agreed to carry fees already paid to us over to next year.

“Without support such as this we would have been in serious danger of calling it a day.

“In addition to their support your ticket money has been used to pay for bands/artists and production costs which we can’t get back and what’s worse, our insurance won’t pay out on an event postponement due to Covid-19.

“However, all main stage acts have made themselves available for 2021 as have the majority of smaller stage bands.

“They have allowed us to carry their payments over for their performances next year.

“The same goes for production costs, everyone from the main stage company to marquees and toilets will carry over any payments we have made.

“If we had not provided the alternative date for next year those payments would have been lost.

“We are following the example of numerous events, large and small which means your tickets are valid for next year’s event and you don’t need to do anything to change that.

“We ask that you support us by carrying them over to 2021 which will be not only one heck of a party but will help to keep us going for years to come.

“Although sold out for this year we had some resale tickets left over when Covid -19 hit and these will be on sale later this year at a slightly higher ticket price.

“If you are unable to make the dates for next year or have another question please email and we will endeavour to help.

“Once again, we are as gutted as you must be about this so all we can say is stay safe, be well and look forward to seeing you next year.”

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