Cheapest petrol prices in Cirencester

Just ten per cent of more than 4,500 UK forecourts are charging a fair price for petrol and diesel, according to new figures from the RAC.

The breakdown assistance firm believes retailers should be charging nearer to 174p for a litre of unleaded in response to wholesale prices that have continued to fall over the last two weeks.

Despite this, analysis shows that only 157 petrol stations – out of 4,593 sites included in the study – were selling a litre between 170.9p and 179.9p.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “In this most expensive of summers, drivers need all the help they can get to keep their spending down so we applaud those retailers who are doing the right thing for their customers and charging a fair price, more in line with the lower wholesale costs.

“Last month, the cost of filling a typical 55-litre family-sized car with petrol rose by a record £9.12, with diesel just behind at £8.59.

“Drivers are desperate for some relief at the pumps yet, with a few notable exceptions, few retailers seem to be willing to price their fuel fairly.

“Drivers who fill up at supermarket forecourts have every right to feel let down that they are being charged well over the odds for petrol and diesel right now.”

As prices are expected to fall further in the coming weeks, it may be wise to hold off on buying more than you need right now.

If you do need to fill up, here are the cheapest places to go.

According to, BP, Co-op, Shell and Tesco are all currently charging 189.9p a litre in Cirencester. 

If you are willing to venture out of the town centre, there are better deals available. 

Within 10 miles, the cheapest is at the BP Garage on Gloucester Road, just off the A417. This will cost you 179.9p a litre.


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