Cheltenham street corner has wobbly yellow lines painted

Wobbly linesImage copyright Simon Jackson
Image caption The corner of Saddlers Lane was painted a week ago but the culprit remains a mystery

Mystery surrounds a set of wobbly yellow lines which were daubed on a residential road using the wrong paint.

The smudged lines were painted on the corner of Saddlers Lane in Cheltenham on 20 January.

Business owner Simon Jackson said: “Highways have been in the area, as people have been parking on the corners, but where they have been painted it’s not an issue for parking.”

Gloucestershire County Council has been contacted for comment.

Mr Jackson said the lines were painted by hand by someone who left yellow paint flecks on the kerb and pavement.

“With the CCTV footage, the only thing we can see is that it’s somebody at 04:30 in the morning with a high-vis jacket and a safety hat on,” he said.

“They were obviously concerned even at that time in the morning of being caught out and questioned.

“They wanted to look quite official by the looks of it, but we have no idea who’s done it.”

Image copyright Simon Jackson
Image caption Someone was seen painting in the lines by hand early in the morning

Mr Jackson said the paint had remained wet for a long time, so could not have been the same type used by highways teams which tended to dry much faster.

Also a staff member had walked on the “oily and sticky” colour, leaving marks on the office carpet.

He added that the lines were now appearing to wash away after the recent wet weather.

Image copyright Simon Jackson
Image caption The mystery painter left flecks on the kerb and pavement

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