Cheltenham’s ‘Boots Corner’ has ‘dangerous’ road closure signs

cheltenhams boots corner has dangerous road closure signs - Cheltenham's 'Boots Corner' has 'dangerous' road closure signs
Image caption Motorists can now turn right at the end of Clarence Parade

Signs incorrectly showing a road is closed to traffic despite a road-closure scheme ending have been described as “dangerous”.

A section of Clarence Street in Cheltenham, known as Boots Corner, was reopened last month following an 18-month trial to ban private vehicles.

Motorists fearing a fine have been seen braking sharply and performing U-turns.

Gloucestershire County Council said the Christmas break had contributed to the delay in removing signs.

Some of the signs have been taken down, but others remain, including road markings in Clarence Parade where motorists can now turn right.

The scheme to close Boots Corner was part of the town’s transport plan began in June 2018 but councillors voted to stop it last month, and it was reopened on 28 December.

James Wellings, who runs a nearby hairdressers, said he had seen numerous “near misses” and it was “worrying and dangerous”.

“People come to the end of Clarence Parade and slam on their anchors, thinking ‘I thought I could go right here’,” he said.

“Their sat navs say they can turn right, but the signs still say you have to turn left.”

Shelley Goodall who works at Old White paint shop on Clarence Parade said she believed it was only local people who were aware the road was reopen.

“Cars, vehicles and lorries are nervous because they don’t believe they’re not going to get a ticket.”

The council said work started just before Christmas to change the signs and road layout in the area, and work would be finished this month.

A spokesman said as much work as possible was completed before the Christmas break, but “contractors and suppliers closed down over Christmas and New Year”.

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