Childminder quits after Ofsted finds dog was knocking over toddlers

The Staple Hill woman was “frequently too busy trying to manage” the pet’s behaviour, picking up toys and rocking kids in buggies to look after youngsters properly, according to a watchdog.

Government inspectors also discovered that “units containing toys fall forward onto children”.

Ofsted rated the childminder as inadequate and were set to issue a welfare notice requiring urgent improvements but she instead chose to resign her registration.

Its report published this month following the inspection in January said: “Children’s safety is not assured, due to the childminder’s poor knowledge of risk assessment.

“She fails to identify and minimise hazards that might cause potential injury.

“Hygiene practices are poor.

“The childminder does not take appropriate steps to prevent the spread of infection.

“This puts children’s health at risk.

“She is unable to manage children’s behaviour or interact with them appropriately, due to the loud and chaotic environment.

“Children are often unable to sleep due to the noise levels and lack of organisation.

“The childminder does not understand how children learn.

“She does not have appropriate expectations for children’s development.

“For example, she expects children of a young age to be able to dress themselves and identify letters.”

The report said the childminder did not recognise risks to ensure the premises were safe.

“The childminder’s dog frequently knocks children over,” it said.

“The space used for childminding is not appropriate for the number and age of the children.

“As a result of this, children play and jump on the sofa, often with the dog also present on the sofa. 

“Dog toys litter the floor, along with children’s toys.

“The dog frequently chews children’s toys, which they play with afterwards.

“Children put dog toys and bones in their mouths, which spread germs and increases their risk of other infections.”

She resigned on January 30, having looked after up to six children, who were aged one and two at the time of inspection, from Mondays to Thursdays since 2011.

Meanwhile, a separate childminder, also from Staple Hill, also quit just two days later following an Ofsted rating of inadequate and threat of a welfare requirements notice.

Neither childminder was named.

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