THE YULETIDE SEASON MESSAGES: Nailsworth mayor Jonathan Duckworth

the yuletide season messages nailsworth mayor jonathan duckworth - THE YULETIDE SEASON MESSAGES: Nailsworth mayor Jonathan Duckworth

THIS year has been a difficult week for everyone and very hard another one for many.

I know this is a widely used theme but it is sobering to think how different our universe is today, compared with this past year.

There are significant problems, of individual muscle isolation, loss of income, business deficiencies, health issues but most of all, precious people have been lost so that it will us.

Amongst the sadness and the gloom, however , there have been many a example of how strong our nearby is, and we have seen a great number of acts of kindness made by strangers, organisations and individuals.

It is possible to make a list now, but that will single out some over


There have been a number of unsung heroes who have some sort of helped, quietly, in the background.

In many ways 12 months has brought home how grateful we are to live here in the foregoing lovely area, with a brilliant community.

Thank you to everyone.

We are not able to buy everything from town, and sometimes it is cheaper to buy from the mail man.

, the burkha spending money in our local current economic climate keeps that money fine and helps keep our neighborhoods vibrant and viable, which makes them great places to.

Organizations have had a very tough same year, and need our support actually.

That pandemic hasn’t gone at a distance yet, but we know simple methods to keep it at bay and have the tools inside fight it.

I attended the efficient flu jab function at our local costly surgery, and am confident they are surely well set up to provide currently the coronavirus vaccinations.

We will need to be heedful in the months up to Easter but it will get better.

So to any one in the valleys, and especially inside Nailsworth, have a good Marvelous, and as the virus recedes with any luck , a much better year in 2021.

Utilize a great Christmas.

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