YULETIDE MESSAGES: Stonehouse mayor Neil Gibbs

yuletide messages stonehouse mayor neil gibbs - YULETIDE MESSAGES: Stonehouse mayor Neil Gibbs

AS we make plans for finding a very different Christmas and 2020 draws to a close, I actually reflect on how the Stonehouse online has pulled together this black friday like no other.

Within a week to the first lockdown being proclaimed, a helpline was recognized by the town council at residents who were self-isolating while did not have family recommendation.

A leaflet was the most beneficial to promote the service and inquire for volunteers and we bought over 40 people will arrive forward to help deliver food and medication or just to be a mobile or portable phone buddy.

We partnered with the The long term Table to set up a frozen entre service and Churches With each other provided the volunteers in delivering them.

We now have Support Stonehouse, an audience hosted by the town local authority or council which brings together community communities and organisations to help from the physical, mental and responsive support that our residents be required.

Known, we have purchased toiletries about distribution by APT, founded, printed and distributed fliers to promote the Long Table’s Freezers of Love and purchased a book for each primary-age daughter in the town for Traditional.

Through the crisis, businesses in the vicinity have worked hard to stay start, within the various challenging swapping restrictions, and we have persuaded residents and visitors to go shopping locally.

So much good work has gone onto in our town (much of the usb ports not publicly acknowledged) to assistance friends, neighbours and sometimes comprehensive strangers in their time of have to have and, in the last nine many months, extraordinary kindness, fortitude as well team spirit has shone through in our local community.

I would like to convey my gratitude to NHS workers, teachers, police officials and other frontline staff will likely, and continue to work to stay all safe and maintain very important services.

Finally, I wish all of your viewer a happy and healthy Is a marvellous a better new year.

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