Cirencester fire fighters rescue kitten stuck on a roof

CIRENCESTER fire fighters helped rescue a kitten which was stuck on a roof this morning.

Her relieved owner posted a message of thanks on social media.

“I want to thank everyone at Cirencester Fire Station who came and rescued my little six month old kitten! True heroes,” she said.

She added: “I’m not quite sure how she managed to escape. I left for work at 5am, so my friend contacted me to say she was on the roof from around 8am.”

She spent six hours trying to find a solution, including calling a local roofing company.

“Lovely local roofers came to use their ladders, but they were too small, and it would have been a health hazard to the people involved,” she said.

And so in the end she called the fire service, who were happy to help, with one fire engine from Cirencester sent to the property at 1.35pm.

The kitten was rescued from the roof of a two-storey house and handed back to its owner, and the crew left the scene at 2.10pm.

A couple of people commented on the post, saying it was a waste of the fire service’s time, while others highlighted that rescues such as these are good practice for the crews.

One person posted: “In my experience the fire service is very happy to use these types of call outs as good practice.

“If they get an important call they will of course have to leave kitty and prioritise.

“They likely enjoy this sort of rescue, with a good outcome, so much more than some of the harrowing things they have to deal with. They are amazing.”

And another wrote: “This is not a waste of firefighters time. It is good training and they would prefer to be called than have someone put themselves at risk.”


One fire engine from Cirencester was sent to the property at 1.35pm yesterday


  • The kitten was rescued from the roof of a two-storey house and handed back to its owner


  • Crews left the scene at 2.10pm.

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