Cirencester gripped by Wetherspoons rumours

A post on the Cirencester, A Local Town For Local People Facebook page rumouring the pub chain could be coming to the town has received more than 200 comments.

And opinion appears to be split on whether this would be a good thing for the town or not. 

One post said: “Let’s hope not for the town’s sake, Cirencester is the capital of the Cotswolds and this would only bring it down.”

Another remarked: “Let’s hope not, don’t want to lower the tone!

“Plenty of nice places to eat and drink already.”

But others were more receptive to the idea. 

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: Wetherspoons founder Tim MartinWetherspoons founder Tim Martin

“If Cirencester is to have a Wetherspoons it will be fantastic news,” one post said.

“I know it’s a culture shock to some of the green welly and tweed jacket brigade. But for a majority of the residents it’ll be marvellous.

“Especially with cost of living on the increase!”

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Another defended the chain by saying: “There is nothing at all wrong with Weatherspoons, good reasonably priced food and drink.

“Might encourage the more “posh” places to think about prices and cater for ordinary people. Not everyone is rolling in cash.”

Bingham Library and the old House of Fraser store have both been touted as possible venues, should founder Tim Martin decide to expand into Cirencester. 

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

A spokesperson for Wetherspoons has been approached for comment. 

Do you think a Wetherspoons would be good for Cirencester? Vote in the poll above and let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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