Cirencester woman on This Morning for Pour Moi lingerie

A Cirencester woman was unanimously voted as overall champion of this year’s Ambassador Scheme for PourMoi, the international clothing company specialising in lingerie designed for every body.

Sandie Roberts, a 50-year old disabled woman, beat 25 other influencers to the top title in the competition after applying to be part of the scheme in February.

The competition for overall champion was judged by both the other Ambassadors and employees of PourMoi.

They voted for who they felt created the most engaging and creative content over the 6 months and Sandie was stunned when she was announced as the winner of the accolade and a £10,000 cash prize at an awards event in Chelsea on Thursday evening.

Sandie beat other 25 hopeful influencers including @georgiamillie all whom vary in age, body size and background and who spread the Pour Moi message by sharing their love of the brand and inspire audiences with body-positive content across their social media channels.

Sandie’s life was turned upside-down when she suddenly became disabled in 2019 after collapsing at work. A suspected stroke led to tests and finally a diagnosis of Functional Neurological Disorder – a problem with the functioning of the nervous system – and Sandie now uses a wheelchair full-time.

Over the last couple of years she has found joy through acceptance and now promotes body confidence and empowers people with disabilities.

Sandie said: “Winning first place means more than just a prize. I feel seen, validated and loved. And not just for me. For every other person who’s ever felt less than enough.

“It’s never too late to start again. It’s never too late to dream. And it’s never too late to walk a new path. It’s ok to be scared. Do it anyway. That’s really living.

“I lost myself when I became disabled. I lost my spark. And when I tried to find it again there was no one who represented me in the media.

“No one I could look at for validation, for reassurance that what I wanted to feel was ok. And it is ok.

“Because as we get older or if our bodies change or stop working as they used to we don’t necessarily stop wanting to feel attractive. I mean we might and that’s fine. But there might be times when we want to feel sexy, vibrant and full of sass!

!Where were those images to represent me? In my midlife, disabled, but still raring-to-go body? There weren’t any. And if I couldn’t find any then I was sure there were others searching.

“I was determined to step up as a figurehead and Pour Moi supported my mission.

“As a brand they back my belief that all bodies should be celebrated. Including mine. Including yours. No matter it’s size, age or ability, celebrate your body!”

Sandie also recently appeared on This Morning, one of the longest-running daytime programmes on British television. Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford first interviewed Sandie about her condition then opened up the phone lines for viewers to speak to Sandie for advice about ‘finding your body confidence’. Sandie was also invited to take part in the fashion segment with Lisa Snowdon.

People can follow Sandie on her journey via her Instagram account: or visit her website at

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