Cleeve Hill proposal photo: Snapper seeks happy couple

cleeve hill proposal photo snapper seeks happy couple - Cleeve Hill proposal photo: Snapper seeks happy coupleImage copyright Charlene-louise Johnstone
Image caption “I’m 99% sure she said yes”

A photographer who captured what she thinks was a marriage proposal at a beauty spot is hoping to find the happy couple to share her image with them.

Charlene-louise Johnstone took the photo while walking with her children on Cleeve Hill, near Cheltenham.

She said: “He dropped down on one knee and I quickly took a picture because I thought it was really cute – I’m 99% sure she said yes.”

She says so far no-one has come forward to identify the couple.

‘Not tying shoelaces’

The mum of three, who took the photo on Saturday afternoon, added: “She was hugging him, wiping tears away – I walked round the long way because I didn’t want to intrude or anything like that.

“It was really nice. It was a really nice day up there, a nice place for it.

“He was definitely not tying any shoelaces, he was definitely proposing.”

Although the photo has been shared more than 13,000 times on Facebook, she is still waiting to share her photo with the couple.

“I’d love for it to get back to them. It’s not the sort of picture that is easy to get, or the sort of picture that everybody could have.

“I had quite a few miles to go with my kids and I didn’t want to hang around because I had to get back before it got dark.

“Every few minutes or so they would hug again so I didn’t want to intrude on their moment.”

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