Closure of London Road in Stroud has been wonderful

THE closure of London Rd to traffic in Stroud is overdue and has wonderfully changed the feel of the Town. I would like to express my thanks to all those who helped make this happen, especially to Stroud Town Council and Gloucestershire County Council.

As a Stroud small business owner I recognise, especially now, that if the town’s businesses, local, national and independent are going to survive they need Stroud to be a place that is pleasant to be in and that feels safe.

We know that retail is moving online, so the future of our towns will change – taming the traffic and creating places for people is part of doing this.

I look forward to this being the start and Stroud becoming a haven, as we saw over the ‘Fringe’; children playing, people hanging out – Stroud becoming a place to be.

Alon Hertz

Falafel Mama


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