Cockerels to be banned from council houses in Stroud

Permission to keep cockerels in council houses in the Stroud district is set to be withdrawn.

A report to be considered by the council’s housing committee on Tuesday states ‘significant noise from cockerels’ as one of the concerns raised by tenants since the last review of the policy in 2019.

The current policy gives permission for budgies and canaries but not larger birds such as parrots.

The new policy will explicitly state: “SDC will not give permission for cockerels to be kept as these have previously led to significant noise complaints.”

The breeding and sale of animals from council properties has also been prohibited, and permission will not be given to house a caged pet on communal land. The new policy has also addressed the fact that permissions to have a pet can be withdrawn if the pet criteria is breached.

This follows concerns over fouling and dogs being loose in communal areas.

Consultation on the new document has taken place with tenants and animal welfare officers.

Councillors will be asked to adopt the revised Pet Policy and give delegated authority to the head of housing services, in consultation with the chair and vice chair of the housing committee to make minor amendments as necessary.

You can view the revised Pet Policy here and the officer’s report here.

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