Conspiracy theories are topic of online discussion in Stroud

conspiracy theories are topic of online discussion in stroud - Conspiracy theories are topic of online discussion in Stroud

‘THE Rise of Online Conspiracy Theories’ will be the subject of an online discussion on Wednesday November 11.

Members of the public are invited to hear a panel of speakers talk about how unfounded theories – about everything from vaccines and Covid 19, to 5G and international child trafficking rings run by politicians and Hollywood – have spread across the internet.

Speakers include:

– Sarah Dixon and James Beecher, who helped start the Stroud Coronavirus Community Response to share quality, fact-checked information and guidance during the pandemic.

– Tom Scott, a writer and lecturer who has a particular interest in political disinformation and has written a report for the European Parliament with policy recommendations on reforming social media.

The event is the latest in a regular series of Cloud Cafes organised by Stroud District Green Party – but open to anyone – to discuss topical issues.

Lynn Haanen, co-coordinator of the local party and a former Democratic Party activist and local elected official in the US, will also be speaking.

She said: “Conspiracy theories were once dismissed as a shadowy online phenomenon in the US, but they are becoming more disturbing, more mainstream, more international, and more mystical – and the effects are now being felt in Britain.”

The event will start at 7.30pm and go on until 9pm. Attendees can join from 7.15pm.

To join:

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