Coronavirus: Cromhall scarecrows celebrate Captain Tom and NHS

Captain Tom scarecrowImage copyright Matt Hall
Image caption A Captain Tom scarecrow was judged to be the winner

A village is celebrating key workers with a variety of scarecrow creations.

Matt Hall came up with the idea after his daughter made a scarecrow to place outside their house in Cromhall, South Gloucestershire.

“A suggestion from my mother in law on something for their allotment grew into more than 35 scarecrows,” he said.

The winner, a Captain Tom scarecrow, was judged by a doctor at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, with the creator donating their prize to charity.

Image copyright Matt Hall
Image caption NHS nightingale nurses were also celebrated
Image copyright Matt Hall
Image caption These scarecrows thanked supermarket delivery drivers

Mr Hall said he hoped the scarecrows would show key workers how grateful the village was.

“This is such a weird phase we’re in,” he said.

“We all want to help key workers, but being told to sit inside feels so contrary to our instincts to help.

“If these scarecrows make these workers smile as they go through the village then at least that’s something.

“Cromhall is a communal place, but we’re all spread out so it’s been a nice way to bring people together, residents are saying they value it.”

Image copyright Matt Hall
Image caption Fitness coach Joe Wicks inspired one of the 35 scarecrows dotted around Cromhall
Image copyright Matt Hall
Image caption Local farmers were thanked for their work during the outbreak

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