Coronavirus: Milkshake thrown at Gloucester runner during lockdown

coronavirus milkshake thrown at gloucester runner during lockdown - Coronavirus: Milkshake thrown at Gloucester runner during lockdownImage copyright Dave Gresswell
Image caption Dave Gresswell is a keen runner and took part in the Saucony English Cross Country Championships in February

Runners have had milkshakes and drinks cartons thrown at them in the street amid worry over how athletes deal with coronavirus social-distancing rules.

Members of Gloucester Athletic Club, who have also been spat and shouted at, are blaming the problem on other runners who are less spatially-aware.

Chairman Richard Blackwell said this had led to public “tarring all runners with the same brush”.

Since the lockdown it has advised members to avoid congested, busy areas.

“Members have contacted me since last week, having been shouted at, spoken to quite aggressively, spat at, and had drinks cartons thrown at them,” Mr Blackwell added.

Club member Dave Gresswell said someone threw milkshake at him from a car window last week.

He said: “I’ve been running for 30 years and it’s not the first time someone has deliberately splashed me or shouted some abuse at me.

“Under normal circumstances that wouldn’t worry but under current circumstances, it does worry me a bit more.”

He said he was trying to stay “clean and germ free”.

“You don’t know if they did it deliberately because they knew it would be more worrying or are the usual muppets who would do it anyway.”

All club members have been encouraged to run on their own, or in family groups, on some of the lesser-known local trails.

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