Coronavirus: Postcard bid to help self-isolating neighbours

coronavirus postcard bid to help self isolating neighbours - Coronavirus: Postcard bid to help self-isolating neighboursImage copyright Becky Wass
Image caption Those who can offer help fill out their contact details and leave the cards with their neighbours

A woman has designed a postcard aimed at helping people to look after their neighbours if they are self-isolating.

The print-at-home template is being shared on social media, with those in need able to request shopping, urgent supplies or “a friendly phone call”.

Becky Wass, from Falmouth, Cornwall, said the idea came to her as she and her husband discussed ways to help.

“Because fear has spread so quickly, its really important to try to spread kindness,” she said.

Image copyright Becky Wass
Image caption Becky came up with the idea after she and her husband decided they want to help their community

Users are encouraged to leave items on doorsteps to avoid direct contact.

Ms Wass said the response to the cards had been “incredibly heartwarming”.

“I do think in times like this everybody wants to do something to help, and this postcard just makes that a little bit easier.”

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