Cotswold Airport trespassers ‘risking their lives’

cotswold airport trespassers risking their lives - Cotswold Airport trespassers 'risking their lives'

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Media captionPolice have warned people of the dangers of trespassing (note: video has no sound)

Two so-called urban explorers who filmed themselves trespassing at an airport before posting footage online were risking their lives, police said.

A video posted on YouTube showed a man and woman on the roof of a jet that was being dismantled at Cotswold Airport, near Kemble.

Wiltshire Police said trespassing was illegal and there were “serious dangers” in doing it at an airport.

The airport said trespassers could face up to two years in prison if convicted.

Police are investigating several instances of trespassing and criminal damage at the airport in recent months.

The two urban explorers filmed themselves using the cockpit escape hatch on a jet to climb on to the roof and walk around.

Image caption Suzannah Harvey said trespass laws were in place for the safety of aircraft and the public

Another group broke through a perimeter fence and were seen on CCTV releasing the escape slide on one plane and dropping a tail cone weighing nearly half a tonne onto the ground.

Airport chief executive Suzannah Harvey said: “It would have killed somebody if they were underneath it.

“It is imperative that people understand that Cotswold Airport is not an airport graveyard, rather a fully operational airport with over 35,000 aircraft movements per year and, as such, criminal trespass laws are in place for the safety of aircraft and the general public.”

‘Serious dangers involved’

PC Rob Wilson said: “These people are putting their lives and the lives of others in danger due to the hazards associated with a live airport and aircraft.

“I’d really like to stress that this airport is not a playground and there are serious dangers involved in trespassing at an airport like these individuals have been doing.”

The BBC has contacted the YouTubers who posted the footage online.

They did not respond and the footage has since been removed.

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