Cotswold Airport’s Av8 restaurant to re-open next month

cotswold airports av8 restaurant to re open next month - Cotswold Airport's Av8 restaurant to re-open next month
cotswold airports av8 restaurant to re open next month 2 - Cotswold Airport's Av8 restaurant to re-open next month

The Cotswold Airport’s Av8 restaurant is set to re-open next month after 8 months.

Closed since the middle of October last year due to a problem with the roof, the restaurant is scheduled to re-open on Friday, June 28.

A spokesman for Cotswold Airport said: “We are genuinely thrilled and reassured that so many people, some very passionately on social media, keep asking when AV8 will be reopened.

“We are pleased to announce that AV8’s completion is ‘now on finals’ after a long and tortuous process.”

Initial delays, beyond the airport’s control, meant the restaurant had to be re-roofed and then the internals stripped back to bare brick and dried out, in the same way flood damaged properties are restored.

“This has taken a very long time to strip out and dry out,” a spokesman for the airport said.

“To use an aviation style phrase ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, and this compete strip out has allowed a complete refurbishment; an all new inside, from flooring to tables and chairs.

“In addition, we have made some improvements for customer expectations in 2019, such as USB charging points.

“AV8 has always had a certain character and attractiveness, which we have been keen to retain and, where appropriate, amplify.”

Whilst retaining the aviation theme inside and the unrivalled view of planes taking off and landing, they have added a few very bespoke features which are unique to Kemble.

A pedestrianised front area will display some of the airport’s own jet heritage aircraft, with a newly marked car park to the rear of the restaurant with more marked bays and more disabled parking.

There will also be specified bike and cycle parking areas.

An airliner fuselage section, courtesy of Air Salvage International, will also be mounted inside the restaurant with first class leather seating for 18 people.

A spokesman for the airport added: “For the first few weeks, due to anticipated demand, we will only accept table bookings, no walk-ins.

“Once our restaurant phone line is live and we can accept bookings, we will post this on our social media sites and website.

“The Great Vintage Flying Weekend, which although not an organised public event, is this first weekend of AV8’s re-opening, will give a fantastic view of all the vintage aircraft arriving and departing.

“We look forward to seeing you all again.”

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