COUNCIL COLUMN: Progress on recycling but more work to be done

National Recycling Week (20-26 Sept), is a good opportunity to think about whether there’s more that you can recycle from the packaging and other items that get discarded as waste. There’s useful information on the Council website about which items to put in your green wheelie bin (or bag) and the green recycling box and an explanation of the seven different types of plastic:

There’s been great progress on recycling since 2016 when a new scheme was introduced, which has halved residual waste tonnages! We plan to work with residents to see what more we can all do to further reduce waste.

This week there will be two important committee meetings looking at improving council homes and support for people to meet basic needs:

The Housing Committee will be discussing a recommendation to improve the energy efficiency of council houses. This would reduce fuel bills for council tenants, and reduce carbon emissions. You can see the proposals here:

The Community Services and Licensing Committee will discuss a new Leisure and Wellbeing Strategy (which follows the public consultation earlier this year), and proposals for a new Food Justice Group. Due to the pandemic, there has been higher demand across our district for emergency food and money advice. The proposed Food Justice Group will work with the Feeding Gloucestershire partnership to provide additional advice to people in need and to support the development of Affordable Food Networks.

I talked about employment last week at the Local Strategic Partnership, with leaders from the private, voluntary, community and public sectors. It was good to hear that there are many job opportunities being advertised locally. For those young people eligible for the Kickstart Programme (16-24-year-olds who are claiming Universal Credit) there is lots of support available locally – including help with travel costs – to make it easier to get to work.

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