Authorities demands action from Thames Water to prevent sewage flooding

authorities demands action from thames water to prevent sewage flooding - Authorities demands action from Thames Water to prevent sewage flooding
authorities demands action from thames water to prevent sewage flooding 1 - Authorities demands action from Thames Water to prevent sewage flooding

The experts of Cotswold District Council has written on to Thames Water demanding and the keep further sewage bombarding to the Cotswolds.

Sewage flooding defective Christmas for residents previously the district, as pouring into affected communities in Cirencester, Siddington and South Cerney.

In the letter, Cllr Joe Harris, normally takes your detailed report explaining what happened and what action may very well now be taken to prevent alot more incidents of sewage flooding.

Thames Water is considered the organisation answerable for managing the sewer system in large part of the Cotswolds.

The séparation council is also searching for into what schemes are probably available to compensate structure affected.

Communities in Cirencester, Siddington and South Cerney really are affected by repeated sewerage flooding over the times decade.

Where water levels may have risen – flood consuming has become contaminated merely raw sewage which enjoys entered homes and landscapes.

Which has also meant that experts claim many residents were and you simply without flushing toilets & showers, sinks and machine laundering machines that would certainly not drain away.

A number with regards to Cotswold District Council latrines members, councillors and police officers were on scene over the most recent sad incindent over Christmas supporting localized residents with sandbags, designer high heel sandals and temporary toilet sites.

Some of the district council is striving to pull together each and every one the local agencies chargeable for managing flooding to support develop solutions that should benefit local residents.

Cllr Harris, said: “Thames Water demands to act in order to obstruct river water infiltrating sewerage systems on this size again – it is regarded as not really good enough which is seven years on manufactured by the last significant waste flooding event we look to be to be no much deeper forward.

“No one out of the 21st century should have in order to really spend Christmas in a person’s wellies surrounded by floodwater formulated with human excrement, tissue report and used sanitary gadgets.

“Many families in the Cotswolds got been impacted by the surprising, unexpected floods over the Traditional period.

“Gardens were submerged for sewage water, carers happen to be forced to wade simply by dirty water to tell patients and many aging population residents were without might or water which a large amount of them to have in order to really leave their homes.

“However, this task is not just sewage flooding we need which will prevent.

“We have to own a state-certified robust barrage ? shower prevention and emergency emotion plan prepared.

“That’s why I will be calling a meeting of all relevant localised agencies – Thames Standard water, air Agency and Gloucestershire County Council – within discuss our approach, tell w hat lessons should be learned quickly & make sure our tip much more joined-up and profitable when you need it. ”

A spokesman available for Thames Water said:   “We sympathise with all of you stricken by flooding over your Christmas period.

“When the sea burst it flooded every part in its path for instance our sewer network in with other utility provider.  

“While sewers are assembled to cope with a excess water entering the training course, they can’t always attend to the sheer volume pertaining to fast flowing flood water  pouring into them whenever you are nearby rivers burst.

“The contemporary flooding came about genuinely quickly due to Weather system Bella, unlike most because of the historic flooding when it comes to the area which was previously due to the slowly rising groundwater, gives more time so that you prepare.

“Our engineers in Cirencester worked hard, alongside companions from the Gloucestershire Nation wide Resilience Forum, to send away water and fresh and clean up as well as we also can where our sewers had been impacted.

“We’re also sorry so that you hear there is dilemma from Cllr Harris in addition to the other stakeholders over are given planning included in the Cotswolds as well as , want to work using the council and stakeholders to see if existing relationships or a number of working can be particularly improved money for hard times. ”

You can potentially read the full lettering to Thames Water, by here:

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