County lines drug den closed down by Cirencester police

county lines drug den closed down by cirencester police 1 - County lines drug den closed down by Cirencester police

A drugs den in Cirencester linked with county lines activity has been forcibly closed by police.

An order was placed on a property in Masefield Road, Chesterton, banning visitors from entering the property after police arrested two men on suspicion of drug dealing.

Police believe the address is linked to county lines activity, in which gangs and organised crime networks exploit children and young people to sell drugs.

These networks of gangs see dealers from large cities move into smaller towns, travelling between them to deliver drugs and collect cash.

Officers were alerted to activity at the address after an incident at a home on Masefield Road on Friday, March 15.

Two people were arrested on suspicion of drug dealing and two further arrests were made for burglary.

Enquiries into the offences are ongoing.

Following discussions with residents, councillors and the landlord, Cirencester police PC Richie Webb obtained a closure order on the house at court yesterday, Wednesday, March 27.

The order makes it an offence for any person, other than the tenants or landlords, to enter or stay in the property.

Anyone who breaches a closure order can be arrested and jailed.

PC Webb said that the order was necessary to keep those living at the address and the nearby area safe from harm.

“We believe the address to be linked to county lines activity,” PC Webb said.

“We want stop such criminal activity and send out a clear message to local residents and others about how seriously we take the issue.

“We ask residents across the district to be mindful of the issue of County Lines drug dealing and take an interest in the safety of their neighbourhood.

“If you believe a property near you is being used to deal drugs please report the suspicious activity to us.

“My colleagues and I will be paying particular attention to the address in Chesterton to make sure that the order is adhered to.

“If you become aware of any breaches to the order please let us know.”

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