Couple ‘face jail’ over will forgery

Julie and Brian FairsImage copyright Gloucestershire News Service
Image caption The couple made a fake will and forged a signature to try to benefit from Gillian Williams’ legacy

A woman who turned to forgery with her husband’s help after they were cut out of her mother’s will has been warned that they both face jail.

Julie Fairs, 57, and her husband Brian, 76, of Abbotswood Road, Gloucester, were convicted by a jury after a seven-day trial at Gloucester Crown Court.

Jurors found that the couple “created a document purporting to be Mrs Gillian Williams’ will”.

Mrs Williams, who died in May 2017, did not want the couple to benefit.

The court heard she viewed Brian Fairs as cantankerous and arrogant.

They will be sentenced on 29 March.

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