Couple seen having sex Great Oldbury Harwood Redrow Stonehouse

A BRAZEN couple have caused outrage after being seen having sex in a parked car near Stonehouse yesterday evening.

The randy pair were seen romping in a blue car at the Harwood Estate on the Great Oldbury development, according to one shocked witness who took to social media to express their disgust.

Writing on the Spotted in Stroud and Stonehouse Facebook page they said: “To the lovely couple in the blue car this evening at the Harwood Estate of Great Oldbury.

“Please chose somewhere else to have sex.

“This is not something all of the residents here need to see. You have been caught on various CCTV cameras.”

Other commentators said they had seen the ‘blue car couple’ engaged in similar amorous activities at other locations including the play area at Frocester and had reported the matter to the police.

One outraged woman wrote: “We caught them at Frocester play park during the day when kids were about. It was reported to the police.”

Another horrified witness who had also seen them at the play area said he had confronted them.

He wrote: “I confronted them and reported to the police. If you have their registration number the police are keen to identify them so please pass it on.”

The new Great Oldbury development near Stonehouse is being built by developers Redrow, Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes.

In April prime minister Boris Johnson visited the site to launch the Government’s 95% mortgage guarantee scheme.

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