Covid 19: Anti lockdown protester Piers Corbyn in Cirencester

Around 200 anti-vax protesters including Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, Piers, have gathered today outside a magistrates court where Covid denier Debbie Hicks is standing trial accused of filming inside a hospital in a bid to prove that the pandemic is all a lie.

Ms Hicks, 46, of Stratford Road, Stroud, has pleaded not guilty to using threatening or abusive words or behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in Gloucester on December, 28 last year.

The charge has been brought against her under Section 5 of the Public Order Act and is being heard by Cheltenham Magistrates sitting at the ‘nightingale’ court in Cirencester.

Before today’s hearing Ms Hicks addressed the crowd of banner carrying protestors by megaphone. Posters brandished by the protestors bore messages such as ‘Kids are not lab rats,’ ‘We demand scientific TV debate on Covid vax dangers, especially to children’, ‘The biggest experiment on humans since WW11, Nazi experiment, and ‘Freedom is not negotiable.’

The case against Ms Hicks is that she went into an outpatient ward in the hospital that day and started filming and giving a commentary as she did so.

The film, which set out to show that the hospital was quiet and not full of Covid-19 patients, was later shown on social media and led to her arrest in her dressing gown at her home the following day.

She can allegedly be heard in the hospital film saying “We’ve been put in Tier 3, for this? It’s a disgrace. I’ve seen less than 20 people.

“It’s completely dead in an empty hospital with wards shut down and the lights off. Where are all the people dying and where is the mutant virus?

“I can’t see the evidence and neither can the public watching. We’ve been robbed of Christmas for this.”

Hospital bosses insist there were about 200 Covid patients being treated there at the time.

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