Covid-19 outbreak at Hyperion Dwelling care home in Fairford

covid 19 outbreak at hyperion dwelling care home in fairford - Covid-19 outbreak at Hyperion Dwelling care home in Fairford

There’s been an outbreak of Covid-19 at a care home over Fairford.

A number of residents at Hyperion House tested positive via Monday.

A post by the care home’s Facebook world-wide-web page said: “Hyperion House has experienced few positive Covid-19 procedure for critical evaluation which were detected through the daily testing performed on Thursday.

“No one is acutely unwell. Some families have been informed and that we sincerely thank everyone capacity so supportive.

“It is very frustrating for the team that after with regard to so long throughout the pandemic with out a single case, we have now was required to report this to you any.

“We are hopeful that the vaccination will be rolled out before the beginning of the year as per the information that we have have been given from our GP.

“However, until as well as keep safe everyone. The herpes simplex virus doesn’t take holidays. Appreciate your unwavering support. micron

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