Crash sparks urgent calls for action on road near Cirencester

There are calls for urgent action to be taken on the main road between Cirencester and Fairford following a serious crash.

A man fell from his mobility scooter on the A417 near the village of Poulton last month.

He is believed to have been hit by a bus but the exact nature of the crash is unknown. A police investigation is ongoing.

In the wake of the crash, Poulton Parish Council has spoken out about its ongoing concerns about the road.

The council has written an open letter calling for the speed limit on the road to be reduced and a ‘zero-tolerance attitude’ to be adopted towards those who break it.

Their letter states: “The parish council has for decades been highlighting with the police, highways, our district and county councillors, and MP to take positive action to address the issue of heavy lorries and speeding.

“It might be harsh to say it but the reality is that our requests for significant action are constantly rebuffed.

“Our concerns have now been drawn attention to by a recent serious accident. It might be churlish to say, ‘we told you so’, but we have, and they did not listen.


The scene of the crash in Poulton

The scene of the crash in Poulton


“The amount of traffic through Poulton has increased exponentially, especially subsequent to the new developments in Fairford. The number of heavy lorries passing through is unacceptable and the road is not fit for that purpose.

“Lorries frequently cut across the centre of the road on the bridge and there are narrow pavements. Pedestrians risk being struck by their wing mirrors.

“Walking with children and dogs is hazardous. Crossing the road safely has become threatening especially for those who are not so agile.

“We have asked for average speed cameras and for a reduction of the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph on the eastern approach, to no avail. A zero-tolerance attitude must now be adopted, with fines issued to any driver exceeding the legal limit.”

A speed survey carried out in February found more than half of vehicles were exceeding the speed limit in both the 30mph and 40mph zones.

“The way offenders are allowed so much leeway is frankly ridiculous,” the letter states. This is a village where people live and not a racetrack.

“We cannot carry on as we are, risking the lives of the people who are part of our community. It has to change, there is no choice.”

Gloucestershire County Council was approached for comment.

The Standard has contacted Gloucestershire police for an update on the condition of the man involved in the accident.

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