Cyclists and pedestrians protest against changes to A419 at Stonehouse

CYCLISTS and pedestrians joined forces to protest against changes to the A419 at Stonehouse yesterday.

The demonstrators were raising concerns about the recent widening of the A419, which they say has included little provision for walking or cycling at the roundabouts.

A spokesman for the group said: “The new layout is dangerous for both pedestrians and cyclists and cleaves a huge valley splitting Stonehouse in two.

“According to Highways, this improvement was to save just over a minute to the M5 and justified on a 60 year time scale. It will cause accidents and create an unhealthy environment.

“We have suggested to Highways that the speed be reduced to 20mph from the Horsetrough roundabout to Boakes drive roundabout – improving our safety and right to life, whilst reducing emissions and noise levels to residents.”

The group met at the Upper Mills junction on the A419 (opposite Wycliffe school entrance) on Saturday at 1.30pm, for a ride and walk in socially distanced groups of six people.

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