Dinosaurs roam the Earth once again to delight of Stanley residents

A PAIR of dinosaurs enjoyed a socially distanced walk around The Stanleys, and cheered up residents into the bargain.

The Tyrannosaurus rex’s route took them past Kings Stanley Sports Club and The White Hart at Leonard Stanley.

They had a chat with police officers too.

“These two characters brightened up The Stanleys,” said Tracy Bassett, who joined them on their walk.

“Though they were disappointed not to get a beer at Kings Stanley Sports Club or The White Hart at Leonard Stanley.

“The police said their socially distanced daily walk was fine and would cheer people up.”

Inside the dinosaur costumes were Andy Bassett and Tony Field of Ebley. 

They say they decided to go out for their daily socially distanced walks in dinosaur outfits, to cheer people up.

“It’s great to see people waving, cheering and tooting from their cars,” said Tracy, wife of Andy Bassett, the brown dinosaur.

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