Disgusted by plans for Thornbury High Street

I’M totally disgusted with the current plans for Thornbury High Street.

This will totally end our town, if it hasn’t already that is.

It was absolutely fine just the way it was before these plans were put in place.

Why hasn’t anyone (shops) been consulted about this?

I’ve not heard of anyone who is happy about this.

I’m disabled and have a valid blue badge, though people may think I look fine but I’m not fine.

Nobody has thought about the elderly people or the disabled people in this..

People may think I can walk to places but I can’t.

I rely on my blue badge but now Thornbury has changed it’s going to prove difficult for me.

I don’t go out much but when I do I get mum to park as close as possible on double yellow lines to the shops.

I’m appalled and I hope we can all get this changed back to what thornbury was like before South Gloucestershire Council decided to do this pathetic change to Thornbury.

Bring back Thornbury to the town we know and love…

Helen Wood


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