Dreamboats and Petticoats at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham

There is no doubt about it, the 1960s was one of the most glorious times for music. It was a time for new rhythms, experimentation and innocent fun and Dreamcoats and Petticoats Bringing on Back the Good Times has it all in abundance.

Superb dancing and singing and a simple plot are the perfect vehicle for a string of smash hits from this iconic decade.

The production at the Everyman was a firm favourite with the Cheltenham audience who were keen to clap and sing along with the many hits from the ‘60’s.

Produced and directed by Bill Kenwright this show really delivers in terms of talent with all the music and songs performed live by the players. You could really feel the bass guitar and thrashing drums as they hit the beats.

Throw in a couple of stars – Antony Costa from boy band Blue as sleazy agent Larry and David Ribi from children’s television show Milkshake as loveable lead Bobby – and you had the formula for a rip roaring show.

Elizabeth Carter as female lead Laura had a wonderful singing voice which stood her in good stead.

Comedic genius came to play as well with David Benson who shone as Kenneth Williams and Mr Croft. His impersonation of the late great Kenneth Williams was a highlight of the show with the audience lapping up his nasal charm.

The story is a simple one following teenagers Bobby and Laura as they try and forge a career in music – from playing Summer seasons at Torquay to doing the circuit at Butlins. This was surely a nostalgic trip around the era for the audience with many remembering what it was like back in the 1960s.

Hit after hit was what this show was all about though really – C’Mon Everybody, Sealed With a Kiss and The Clapping Song all hitting the perfect note. The talents of these guys was incredible – to be able to play live and sing and dance at the same time made you feel like you really were back for live theatre.

A thoroughly entertaining, nostalgic treat for everyone who attended the theatre and well worth the price of ticket.

For more information visit the Everyman

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