Dursley man accused of robbing woman of car outside Tesco

A 29 year old Dursley man accused of robbing a woman of her car at knifepoint in Abbeymead, Gloucester on Friday (November 5) has indicated today (November 8) that he will be admitting the charges.

Sam Broder of The Crapen, Dursley, appeared before Cheltenham Magistrates charged with robbing the owner of her Hyundai Coupe in Mead Road, Abbeymead.

He also faced charges of driving the car without valid insurance in Salter Street, Berkeley; driving with excess alcohol by having 46 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath and possessing a lock knife in Salter Street.

District judge Nicholas Wattam said the case was too serious to be heard at magistrates court and he committed it to Gloucester Crown Court. He remanded Broder in custody until his first appearance before the crown court on December 10.

Prosecutor Jeremy Oliver had told the judge that the alleged robbery offence occurred outside the Tesco supermarket in Mead Road, Abbeymead, on November 5 at around 7.20pm.

He said Broder was later stopped by police in Salter Street, Berkeley, after the Hyundai was picked up on a number plate recognition camera in the area.

“Christine Burton had driven to Tesco and was returning to her car when the defendant, who we say was hiding behind her Hyundai Coupe vehicle, jumped out and allegedly held a knife six inches from her throat and threatened her by saying, ‘Give me your ******* car keys,’” said the prosecutor.

“Under such duress she complied with the demand and we say the accused then drove off in her vehicle.

“The vehicle was tracked to the Berkerley area after ANPR cameras had been triggered which alerted the police to its whereabouts. The driver was stopped by police after he had been to the Co-operative in Salter Street and attempted to drive away.

“The victim gave a good description of the knife that she had been threatened her with. Such a knife was found in the car along with the distinctive top that she had described and Nike trainers that the defendant was allegedly wearing as well as the sports bag he was carrying, when he was arrested.

“The defendant was taken into custody where he breathalysed and found to have 46 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, the legal limit being 35, and was in possession of a lock knife in his rucksack.

“The incident was also witnessed by two others at the Tesco car park, who took photographs, and these matched the description offered by the victim and what the defendant was wearing when he was arrested.”

Blaise Shervington, defending, said: “Broder has indicated his guilt, even though he hasn’t formally entered his plea today.”

Broder did not enter any pleas.

The case was adjourned till December 10 at Gloucester Crown Court.

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