Dyson could turn a disaster into a success, a reader suggests

dyson could turn a disaster into a success a reader suggests 1 - Dyson could turn a disaster into a success, a reader suggests

The following is a letter sent to the Wilts and Glos Standard

Dear Editor

THE recent news that Honda will close their car manufacturing plant in Swindon by 2022 will be devastating to the factory workforce, the associated suppliers and the surrounding area

including the town of Swindon.

However, could there be circumstances where this disaster could be turned into a success and at the same time allow those that support Brexit to demonstrate their commitment to the future of the UK?

Dyson, whose engineering centre is just a few miles away, are moving their HQ to Singapore and are developing electric vehicles and battery technology with the intention of manufacturing there.

However, the Honda plant offers an existing manufacturing facility with a skilled workforce and an established supply chain. Why could Dyson not acquire the Swindon factory and develop a world class facility to export product and technology all around the world?

The government freed from EU restrictions as a result of Brexit could provide support for this investment.

So here is the chance for James Dyson as a leading advocate for Brexit to set an example and for this government to show by deed that their promises of a brighter future are not just hollow words.

I suspect though there will be a series of excuses that will offer those who are going to lose their jobs nothing but cold comfort.

Ian Harvey

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