Easter hamper up for grabs at award winning butchers

easter hamper up for grabs at award winning butchers 1 - Easter hamper up for grabs at award winning butchers

AN AWARD winning butchers shop in Cam is giving away a hamper full of meat goodies this Easter.

Cam Family Butchers has put together a collection of tasty cuts, perfect for feeding the family over the Easter holidays.

To be in with a chance of winning, visit the shop’s Facebook page and share, like and tag their Easter hamper post.

Mark Carr is the owner of the small, family-run shop on Phillimore Road.

He likes to make sure that on special dates throughout the calendar, the shop has a product to match.

As well as Easter hampers, the shop sold heart pork pies on Valentine’s Day, haggis on Burn’s night, it will be selling individual pies spelling out ‘DAD’ on Father’s Day, and more.

In addition to providing meaty treats all year round, the shop has been recognised for the quality of its products, scooping an array of awards for its pies, sausages, faggots and burgers.

It even took the national title of Britain’s Best Butcher’s Shop at the Meat Management Industry Awards in 2015.

Mark took over the business in Cam 32 years ago, but he was already an accomplished butcher by that time.

He grew up on farm Tewkesbury and there found that he was a natural entrepreneur.

After helping his mum cut up the meat, he would then go out and sell it around the village.

In 1979 he became an apprentice butcher at Dewhurst’s in Gloucester.

“Then I went to work for the Gloucester Sausage Company, that’s how I learnt to make sausages,” he said.

“A lovely bloke there taught me a lot about manufacturing.”

Thirty-two years ago the shop in Cam came up for sale and he decided to take it on.

And after all those years, he said his favourite parts of the job are still chatting with the customers and the manufacturing side.

There’s no big secret to creating award winning products, he said. The key is to use only the finest ingredients and to take the time to do it well.

“Manufacturing takes time, you shouldn’t rush it,” he said.

“It can even be therapeutic, if it’s quiet and you’re working on your own.”

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