Eight arrested outside Muller factory following protest

EIGHT people were arrested following an animal rights protest near Stonehouse yesterday. 

Police were called to a factory where a protest attributed to an animal rights group took place. 

Yesterday morning, police seized equipment designed to cause serious disruption – as of last night, eight people were arrested. 


Officers would like to reassure residents that they have sufficient resources available to deal with any incidents which may arise from these events, and they are responding to maintain law and order in the community.

The police would further like to urge anyone taking part in the protest to do so peacefully and with respect for the law and the rights of other people. 

A spokesperson for Müller UK & Ireland said:  

“We are disappointed to be targeted by a small number of activists who don’t represent the 96 per cent of adults in Britain who choose milk every week, and we will ensure that supplies are maintained.  

“Dairy is affordable and packed with nutrients that benefit our bodies.

“During a cost of living crisis it is wrong to try to prevent it from reaching families, including vulnerable members of society.” 

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