Estate agent joins Refill to prevent plastic pollution

estate agent joins refill to prevent plastic pollution 1 - Estate agent joins Refill to prevent plastic pollution

LEADING estate agent Hamptons International is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Refill, an award winning initiative to prevent plastic pollution at source.

Refill aims to make it easier to reuse and refill your water bottle on the go than buy a single-use disposable plastic bottle.

At a time when we should be looking at simple ways to reduce our own plastic consumption Refill have made it easy by creating a free app that anyone can download to find Refill stations local to them.

Hamptons International is the first national estate agent to join the movement and sits alongside a host of other well-known high street businesses including; John Lewis, Whole Foods and Pret A Manger.

To date Refill has over 800,000 users with 15,000 Refill stations on the app.

If all these Refill stations are used just once a day, it would stop around five million plastic bottles at source each year.

Alannah O’Rourke, Partnerships Manager for City to Sea said: “We know that one of the biggest barriers to people carrying a reusable bottle and refilling is fear of having to ask for a free Refill, with over half of people buying bottled water when ‘out and about’.

So we’re delighted that Hamptons International have joined the Refill campaign and will now be offering free Refills in all of their branches.

Hamptons International is the first estate agency with a national presence to join Refill, so celebrate with us by looking for their branches on the Refill app and joining in with the Refill Revolution!”

From today Hamptons International will display a Refill sticker in each of its 90 branch windows, and the app will share the location of every branch to encourage and invite members of the public to fill their water bottles for free.

This partnership is the first of many environmentally focused initiatives due to be unveiled in Hamptons International’s 150th year.

Such initiatives will all form part of Project Planet which aims to look at ways to make the business environmentally conscious whilst making a positive change and contribution to the planet.

Lesley Cairns, Managing Director of Hamptons International says: “Hamptons International is delighted to be the first national estate agency brand to join Refill. Hamptons has a network of 90 branches, all in prominent high street locations, so it makes perfect sense to invite those looking for a water refill into our branches to prevent the purchase of single use plastic.

“This year the business will unveil further environmental initiatives and Refill is the perfect launch pad – it’s simple and effective, and an easy way we can all make a difference. By downloading the app and using Refill you can help reduce plastic waste and save money along the way. So please remember, if you’re near to a Hamptons International branch feel free to pop in and someone from our team will be delighted to fill your water bottle up for free.”

To find your local Hamptons International branch and many other distributers of free water refills please download the app today:

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