Euro 2020: Stroud pundit predicts England v Italy score

England superfan and SNJ front page pundit Ethan Horton has predicted a victory for England in the Euro 2020 final tonight.

Ethan, 18, from Eastcombe, anticipated the exact outcome of their game against Denmark on Wednesday, even prophesying the teams would draw 1-1 at 90 minutes and one winning England goal would come in extra time.

He said he was in a state of euphoria after his prediction came true and that England will bring it home today despite Italy’s electric performances.

“I’m nervous is because this means the absolute world to me and I think if England win this competition, Sunday is going to be a very special day. It will be monumental in English history,” said Ethan.

“After the mishandling of coronavirus in the UK, I genuinely believe this will uplift the nation for the rest of the summer.

“The reason I’m nervous is I don’t want to see that not happen, I need that to happen.”

He said the biggest threat to his dream coming true is a class Italian counter-attack.

“If we are caught lacking and our defensive line is too high and our midfield are running back from the attack, I think a counter-attack from Italy will be the hardest thing to defend against, but honestly I think Southgate knows that.”

Ethan predicted that England and Italy will draw 0-0 or 1-1 in the first half, then the deadlock will be broken by either Sterling or Kane in the second.

“The first half is mainly about England settling in and holding the defensive line, toying with the mid-field a bit and playing a couple of runs on wide-fronts, with Harry Kane playing a pivotal role in the middle, drawing players in so Sterling can dart about.”

“I believe the first goal of the second half will be pivotal in the game, but I do think England will win this game and it will be 3-1.”

He said he could see the third goal coming from Mount, if not a second from Kane or Sterling.

“Watching this team come from struggling to find their feet at the start of the tournament and drawing against Scotland, I have so much faith in this team.”

“I will be watching it in the Queen Vic in Stroud and I cannot wait. That pub is the best place in the world.”

“After the last game I looked at my friend dead in the eyes and I said ‘I swear to you right now, it’s coming home’

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