Ex UKIP candidate Jeff Wyatt speaks at Stroud anti-vax rally

As part of the no health segregation passports rally, Jeff Wyatt gave a speech outside the Savers shop on King Street in Stroud.

Jeff Wyatt is the former deputy leader of the For Britain Movement who stood as a UKIP candidate in Milton Keynes.

The For Britain Movement has been described as a ‘far-right UKIP splinter group’ and has been accused of antisemitism and racism.

Mr Wyatt caused particular outrage by wearing a yellow star armband with the words “Not Vaccinated” on it – apparently comparing proposed mandatory vaccination documentation to the symbols that Nazis forced Jews in occupied Europe to wear prior to enacting industrialised genocide.

Joseph Szwarc, a Holocaust survivor, has spoken out against the wearing of yellow stars by anti-vaccination demonstrators, saying: “You can’t imagine how much this upsets me. This comparison is hateful. We must all rise up against this ignominy.”

He added: “I wore the star, I know what that is, I still have it in my flesh. It is everyone’s duty to not allow this outrageous, antisemitic, racist wave to pass over us.”

Stroud business woman Clare Honeyfield said: “As someone who’s in town most days, I’ve observed the upsurge of extreme right wing rhetoric in the pandemic discourse.

“Whilst I feel there is a place to question policies around emergency powers, public spending, procurement and proposed legislation around restrictions, I see no place for the far right in our towns.

“Speakers such as this do not believe in freedom and wish only to create division and hatred in our communities.

“Everyone has a responsibility to stand against extremism for our children and our grandchildren’s future.”

More than 90 million Covid jabs have now been administered across England. 

Responding to the milestone Dr Emily Lawson, head of the NHS Vaccination Programme, said: “Whether you’re considering coming forward for the first time, taking up the NHS’ evergreen offer of a vaccine, getting your second dose, or booking your booster – I’d urge everyone to come forward as soon as possible – the vaccine is safe and effective, and will provide crucial protection over winter.”


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