Extinction Rebellion protester from Stroud charged with damaging Guildhall Art Gallery

AN Extinction Rebellion protestor from Stroud will appear in court on Friday charged with criminal damage. 

Skeena Rathor, 46, one of the co-leaders and founding members of the environmental campaign group, has been charged with causing £611.59 of damage to the exterior of the Guildhall Art Gallery in London on August 22, last year.

Ms Rathor, of Randwick, Stroud, who is a former Stroud district councillor, will appear at Central London Magistrates’ Court tomorrow afternoon.

She has pleaded not guilty to the charge at a previous hearing.

The entrance to the Guildhall was damaged during an Extinction Rebellion protest, as the campaign group prepared to kick off two weeks of action in the capital.

A crowd of about 200 people sang and cheered as protesters sprayed red paint over the walls of the building and unfurled a banner reading Co-Liberation Freedom Together.

Speaking at the time of the protest, Ms Rathnor said: “The City of London has long led and profited from enslavement and colonisation. Today it continues on this violent path as it enables the flow of money into the very industries whose actions will destabilise food sources, displace people and make large swathes of the world uninhabitable.

“We are here in the City of London today, on the 230th anniversary of the beginning of the Haitian Revolution, the only successful revolution by enslaved black people in modern history. On their shoulders we stand, with a peaceful non-violent ceremonial disobedience in the heart of this violent system.”

“It is time for humanity to begin healing the wounds of division, domination and war which scar our history and to come together in co-liberation, to grieve what we have lost and preserve what is left.”

The Guildhall Art Gallery houses the art collection of the City of London.

Ms Rathor previously appeared on Good Morning Britain to speak to Piers Morgan about Extinction Rebellion.

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