‘Extra station in Stonehouse would have huge benefits’

As the international climate summit draws to a close, it’s clear that action needs to step up at all levels to address the climate and nature emergency. Across Stroud District, we’re looking to engage more widely with local communities about how we will reduce emissions and adapt to changing weather – with a call last week for volunteers to join our new 2030 Community Engagement Board.

We’re looking for people who can reach large local networks and can bring skills such as finance, business, education, engagement, inclusion and diversity. If you’re interested, see the website, and submit your form by 1 December: stroud.gov.uk/environment/building-a-sustainable-future-together/get-involved

If you’d like to play your part in another way, there are more ideas on our website.

There was good news last week for rail travel, with the successful bid to the Restoring our Railways fund for feasibility work on reopening Stonehouse Bristol Road station. We continue to work closely with Stonehouse Town Council to support the project, which features in our new Council Plan. Like the proposal to reopen the station in Charfield, the extra station in Stonehouse would have huge benefits for residents and businesses, helping to take cars off the road and providing easier connections to Gloucester, Bristol and beyond. Improving the infrastructure along this line will be essential to enable more stations to reopen.

As we move from autumn to winter, the county council is asking people to help keep their drains clear by removing fallen leaves, which can cause blockages and localised flooding. Before starting work, do check the guidance at gloucestershire.gov.uk/highways/roads/leaf-it-out

The weather is turning colder and we work closely with the county’s homelessness outreach provider P3 to help the homeless and rough sleepers – the Streetlink app is the best way as it will connect them with the support they need streetlink.org.uk

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