Fairford cyclist Ki, 20, determined to walk again

A DEVASTATING accident which left a young man paralysed has led to an outpouring of community support.

Ki Baylee New, 20, of Fairford, came off his bike, sustaining spinal injuries which have left him with no sensation below his chest.

Up until last month Ki, a roofer, had been a very active person who enjoyed cycling, motorcross and going to the gym.

He came off his bike on July 22 while cycling through woodland, breaking and dislocating his back, damaging his spinal cord and breaking his neck.

After six-hour emergency spinal surgery, he then spent two weeks in intensive care.

Although now more stable, Ki has been given the devastating news that he may never walk again.

However, he has been told that his best possible chance of recovery is through intense physiotherapy, and Ki is determined to get back on his feet.

This treatment is very expensive and is not available on the NHS, so his sister Elisha has started a fundraising campaign to pay for it.

“Ki is the bravest and strongest person I know,” Elisha said.

“He is in excruciating pain from his injuries, has picked up infections and is now dealing with the mental battles as he comes to terms with his new reality.

“My family and I are completely distraught and in disbelief, but the one thing getting us through is hope.

“In the following months Ki will be transferred to Stoke Mandeville Hospital for specialist treatment and will need extensive rehab.

“As amazing as the NHS is, there is a huge lack of funding preventing Ki being able to access the intense physiotherapy he needs, something only the private sector can offer which comes at a great cost.

“And when the time comes for Ki to return home, house modifications will need to be made for him to lead an independent life.”

The family have set a fundraising target of £50,000, of which a whopping £22,000 has already been given by generous donators.

“The support and generosity of our friends, family and total strangers is completely overwhelming,” said Elisha.

“Hearing about all the support is what’s getting Ki through the day at the moment.

“All we can say is a massive thank you, we appreciate every single message, share, donation and help given to us.

“The money we’ve raised so far is incredible but let’s see how far we can take this to give Ki the best chances of walking again.”

To make a donation visit: bit.ly/3yDpWGZ

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